You would think that after a presidential election, the newly elected leader would be hogging the limelight. This is not the case for South Korea.

The recent snap elections and the controversy behind it were all lost in the mist as someone else caught the attention of netizens all over the world. Apparently, the presidential bodyguard has been the latest buzz and apple of the eye for many on social media.

South Korean New President's Body Guard is Trending Online
Photo: Daily Mail
It might be his prominent jaw-line or that suspicious look he always had on, whatever the reason is, the 36-year old bodyguard for South Korean President Moon Jae in is causing due unrest to both fan boys and fan girls all over.

Many are saying that the new bodyguard might be needing his own bodyguard as netizens could not help but swoon over him. Twitter has once again been filled with witty puns and comments for those who caught sight of the accidental matinee idol. Instead of being alarmed that the security employee has overshadowed the new leader, President Moon Jae In’s office gamely shared some information about its hunky staff.

Who is this Handsome Body Guard?

According to a press release by president’s office due to unprecedented public interest, the chiseled bodyguard was identified as Choi Young Jae. He was a former officer with Korea’s Special Warfare Command. Bad news to all the fan girls, though. Choi is already married with two daughters.

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Some netizens, however, theorize that Choi was a part of the new president’s ‘handsome brigade’ and ‘reign of beauty.’ They suggest that President Moon intentionally hired ‘good-looking’ professionals to represent the attractive public face of the new administration.

We are not sure how this is going to help South Korea with its issue with the Korean peninsula and unstable economy. However, a lot of women and men had already declared their surrender to the hunky presidential bodyguard.

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