Darna has been an iconic role of Filipinos. This is the character that launched the career of superstars such as Vilma Santos,Lorna Tolentino, Rio Locsin, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera. It has always been a privilege for any actress to play the role.

A creation of Mars Ravelo, the fictional superhero first appeared in comic books, and became one of the most celebrated characters in Philippine History. No matter how many remakes were done, Filipinos are always very excited with news of new movies or TV shows of Darna.

It is Official: Liza Soberano is the Newest Darna of Philippines
Liza wearing the costume of Darna is only edited
Seventy-years after Darna's birth on Philippine comics, Pinoys are raving yet again with the buzz of a movie remake for this year.

A lot of names surfaced from rumors who would play the role. But after many speculations on who would be the next to done the trademark red costume, an actress has been named to have been chosen from the long list.

The newest Darna is none other than the second most beautiful woman in the world, Kapamilya actress Liza Soberano.

Kapamilya Actress is Now Undergoing Intensive Training

According to celebrity columnist Ricky Lo, an inside informant told him that plans for Liza to fly as the celebrated character are on the works. The movie would be directed by Erik Matti.

The Kapamilya actress is now undergoing intensive training in preparations for the movie. The location of where the training happens was reportedly top secret to prevent leaks.

Meanwhile: Liza Soberano is Portraying as Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach on MMK

But it seems that this was something that Star Cinema could not prevent after the news has already broken out on social media sites everywhere.

Fans are very excited for Liza to play the iconic role. Her pretty and innocent face seems perfect for Narda, but we will yet to see if she can kick ass as a superhero.

This would be the Kapamilya sweetheart's first action role. Many are also excited to see her wearing the sexy outfit since the teen actress has not yet been seen wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

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