The House committee on Population and Family Relations finally approved the bill proposing to establish a National Identification System for Filipinos here and abroad last May 10.

The unanimous decision by the committee members resulted to the consolidation of all measures pushing for the National ID card. Thus, the bill will be brought before the plenary for 2nd reading.

National ID System in Philippines Approved by House Committee
If the bill will be successfully made into a law, all Filipino citizens around the world would need to register their personal information into a central system managed by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) formerly National Statistics Office (NSO.)

Once registered, the individual will be issued a non-transferable national ID card and will be assigned a number that shall be valid for life.

Filipinos residing or working in other countries will be able to register and claim their IDs at the nearest Philippine embassy or consular office of the country they are located.

Will the New National ID Card Honored Universally?

The National ID Card will be universally honored by both public and government sectors requiring a person’s identity, marital status, birth date, etc.

According to Committee Chairperson and Laguna 3rd District Representative Sol Aragones, the card will contain the applicant’s full name, permanent address, age, gender, and picture. It should also contain the applicant’s signature. It will also contain fingerprint information, but will be input in the system instead because some information does not need to be included on the card itself.

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Another important thing, says Aragones, is the common reference number. With just a single click, all the information will be found in the database.

All countries in the world, but nine including the Philippines, already have similar national ID System.

Since the 16th Congress, a bill proposing a national ID system were filed but was stuck at the Senate until the end of the session.

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