Most people would think that having a genius-level IQ would guarantee anyone a guaranteed seat to any school all over the world. Apparently, this was not the case for an 11-year old Filipina residing in United Kingdom.

According to reports, Mia Golosino wanted to get in Aylesbury High Grammar School but was refused admission.  Mia took the exam privately, but when the results were sent out, a letter told her family that she failed to secure a place due to ‘oversubscription.’

Genius Pinay IQ Higher than Einstein Rejected from UK School

Because of the rejection, Mia’s parents arranged for a Mensa test to help them appeal the decision. When the result came back, her parents could not believe their eyes. It showed that their daughter has an IQ of 162- two points higher than Albert Einstein which was believed to be 160. Her IQ score puts her well into the top 1% of people when it comes to brain power. The genius benchmark IQ is set at 140.

Mia was invited to join Mensa- The High IQ Society. 

She just needed one of the results within top 2 percent to become officially a member of British Mensa.

The family, who immigrated to the United Kingdom from the Philippines ten years ago, wanted to share the story to the world to inspire other students who had to stumble upon a failure.

Due to the initial rejection, Mia was able to find a silver lining after discovering her abilities. Now, another grammar school has offered the genius girl an admission to their school, the Royal Latin School in Buckingham.

Now, things are looking up for this shy young girl who is also a swimmer and ballet dancer. Her story proves that everything happens for a reason, and challenges or hurdles could actually lead us to somewhere better than we originally planned.

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