Ever since the infamous United Airlines incident wherein a doctor was dragged out of his seat due to overbooking, the airline industry has been widely criticized for its policies and poor customer service. We would think that they have learned their lesson by now; apparently not.

This time the airline in question is Delta Air. The victims are a family of five with two infant children. Brian and Brittany Schear of California experienced probably the worst airline trip of their lives as they were kicked off the plane after a discussion with officials.

Delta Air Lines Kicked a Family Off Flight Who Won't Give Up their Paid Seat
According to Brian Schear, the family initially purchased a ticket for their teenage son, but decided to send him home earlier so that the 2-year old child could have his seat instead. They also had a one-year old kid with them.

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They informed the ticket agent of their situation, and they were accommodated to sit together. They were able to board the plane without issue, that until they discovered the flight was overbooked, and the 2-year old needed to give up his seat.

They even Threaten the Parents that their Kids will be Taken by Foster Care

The family has uploaded the video of Brian and another employee’s argument over the matter. The father was reasoning that they could not give up their child’s paid seat. This lead to a threat from the staff that they would all be kicked off the plane, be sent to jail and have their kids taken by foster care.

The Schears were forced to find their own hotel, transportation, and purchase new tickets for a flight the next day after getting all kicked out of the flight.
Delta Air issued a statement only after the said video has been viral all over the internet. The company said that they were "sorry for the unfortunate experience" the family had, and reached out to compensate them.

"Delta's goal is to always work with customers in an attempt to find solutions to their travel issues. That did not happen in this case and we apologize,” according to Delta’s statement.

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