In a news story that sounds straight out from a children’s book, a young girl was discovered in a forest in northern India behaving like a primate after reportedly living with monkeys as her family.
The Indian girl, estimated to be between 10 to 12 years old, was found naked and abnormally thin in Katharniaghat forest, Utter Pradesh by some woodcutters who alerted the police. She was dishelved with wounds on her body.

Police are now reviewing records of missing children to try and identify her and her parents. Meanwhile, doctors are now trying to care for the girl and humanize her behavior.

Young Girl was Discovered in the Jungle and Living Wild with Monkeys
According to the people who found the girl, “the girl was naked and was very comfortable in the company of monkeys.” Dinesh Tripathi, a police officer, told the Associated Press that when they tried to rescue the girl, the monkeys chased them away.

One attending officer was attacked by the monkey, but was able to rescue the girl. The monkeys continued to chase the police car where he sped away with the girl.

The unidentified girl allegedly behaved like a primate during her stay in the hospital, where she was kept two months ago.

She did not know how to speak and screamed loudly when doctors tried to reach out to her. Other doctors reported hearing her make monkey-like noises.

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“The way she moved, even her eating habits were like that of an animal,” Dr Singh told AP. “She would throw food on the ground and eat it directly with her mouth, without lifting it with her hands.”
When she first arrived at the hospital, she moved around using her elbows and knees. However, the girl’s condition seems to be improving after several weeks in the hospital. She has started to walk and eat normally.

Officials are speculating that she had been living in the forest since birth, but could not confirm the length of time.

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