President Duterte has admitted to using a device to improve his oxygenation to help him sleep well. He has been using it for some time now to aid his sleep.

He gave this statement during his speech in Oriental Mindoro last March 29. He delivered a speech at the mass oath-taking of appointed government officials and officers of the Philippine Councilors’ League, but preluded with a clarification of his health condition first.

President Duterte Admits Using Oxygen Concentrator to Sleep
Photo from Manases Carpio

According to the President, “Iyong pinost diyan sa ano – ‘yung oxygen ko. Kasi kung matulog ako, ganoon lang, ‘yung oxygenation ko hindi maganda because of smoking,"
(What they posted- it was for my oxygen. When I sleep, my oxygenation is not good due to smoking.)

The President just turned 72 on March 28, thus his health condition has been a frequent topic.
He also shared that at his age, he can no longer eat what he wants because he was often reminded of high cholesterol.

A photo shared by Duterte’s family during his birthday, an oxygen concentrator can be sighted beside his bed. He clarified that the machine is an oxygen ‘converter’ in a separate speech last March 30.

The gadget, as the President shared, is plugged in every time he sleeps. It concentrates oxygen from a source to provide a steady supply of oxygen. It is medically used as a treatment for those with sleep apnea, emphysema, and other respiratory ailments.

Duterte insisted that he has been transparent about his health condition. He also disclosed other ailments to the public including, Buerger’s Disease, Barret’s Esophagus, and GERD.

All of the diseases were apparently due to the President’s past smoking habit. Due to his experience, he had been more determined to implement stricter regulations against smoking.

The Executive Order banning smoking in public areas nationwide is awaiting his signature.

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