In a busy city like New York, people are often imprisoned by tight deadlines and fast lifestyles. That is one of the reasons that it was dubbed as ‘the city that never sleeps.’

But sadly, along with its busy citizens, the time to stop and help a fellow human being has also been neglected. Or it is so basing on a viral one-minute video uploaded on Instagram.

Passengers Ignore Old Woman Head Stuck on Subway Door
On the said footage, uploaded by @theshaderoom on Instagram, an old lady can be seen with her head, hand, and black and white tote bag stuck between the doors of a subway train in New York City. It looked like a really bad day immediately, but what made the video worse is the fact that no one seems to care of the poor woman’s situation.

During the one-minute long video, not a single person stopped to check on the woman or give her assistance. There was even an MTA worker who just strolled past her without talking to her. The said video had gained 1.5 million views since it was uploaded and it got a lot of people shaking their heads.
“While this is an unfortunate incident, the passenger was able to get out safely with assistance from our train operator,” said MTA spokeswoman Beth DeFalco. “Because the doors were ajar, the train was never in danger of moving.”

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According to the management, the MTA worker who was seen walking past the woman notified the train operator of the incident and they used a key to open the door and set her free. The unidentified woman was uninjured from the incident.

Nonetheless, it did not stop netizens from pointing out how insensitive and uncaring the people on the video were. Some also commented that the uploader should have done something than just taking the video and not doing anything to help the poor woman.

If you were in this situation, what would you have done?

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