News came out on Tuesday that broke many Kdrama fans’ hearts; Korean superstar Lee Min Ho will start his mandatory service next month according to his agency. Though we would rather have him on our television screen and in our dreams, he is required to render the service as per South Korean law.

Lee Min Ho is considered one of the most handsome and highest paid Korean actors who played high profile roles in dramas such as ‘Boys Over Flowers’ and ‘Legend of the Blue Sea.’

 Korean Superstar Lee Min Ho Confirmed his Military Service Enlistment
But before you start freaking out and launch a petition to pull Lee Min Ho out of military service for fears of him getting hurt during combat, rest assured that he will only be taking an office position.

According to MYM Entertainment, Lee’s talent agency, "Lee Min Ho's enlistment date was confirmed today. He will begin service on May 12 at Gangnam-gu office as a public service officer.

He'll spend his time preparing for the service until May."

The reason for the exemption from a combat position was the injury Lee sustained from a car accident in 2006 while with actor Jung Il-Woo. The two best friends were gravely injured during the incident which left Lee with a steel rod in his thigh.  Jung, who was also enlisted this year, suffered a concussion, cerebral hemorrhage, and broke his wrist and pelvic bone.

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South Korean Law mandates men between 18 and 35 years old to perform two years of military service amidst continued threat from North Korea.

Lee recently finished the recording for his narration of ‘DMZ, the Wild,’ an MBC Nature documentary which he filmed from October 2015 to March 2017. The documentary will premiere on June 5.

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