When dealing with someone’s death, we try to be as sensitive and careful as possible. Different people react differently, and the least we would want to do is add to the burden of the loved ones left behind.

That is the reason why an Indian news anchor is gaining praise all over the internet. Even at the face of death, she remained composed and did what everyone expected her to do.

Brave Indian News Anchor Reporting her Husband Accident Live
It was the usual delivery of the morning news for Supreet Kaur, 28-year old news anchor for IBC 24. After fifteen minutes of regular programming, Kaur delivered a breaking news about a car accident in Mahasamund leaving three casualties.

A local news reporter gave more details about the accident, and as Kaur read out the news, she soon discovered it was the same vehicle her husband was travelling in that region on that same day.

The said Renault Duster vehicle was hit by a truck from behind, killing three people and grievously injuring two others. The staff in the news room could tell that the anchor has found out, while the production team has also just found out. None of them could tell her since it was on live television.

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But instead of breaking down on the spot, Kaur was able to keep her composure and continued the bulletin for the next ten minutes. Once the show went off air, the brave newscaster broke down and began calling her relatives. She immediately went to the accident site after that.

What made Kaur a hero was the sense of duty and professionalism that she exemplified during what could be one of the hardest ordeal of her life. Her network was extremely proud of the way she handled the situation, and also shared the sympathy for their colleague’s loss.

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