On an episode of ‘Sarap Diva’ aired last February 18, 2017, Marian Rivera and Boobay, or Norman Balbuena in real life, talked about their deep friendship. One of the things they talked about with host Regine Velasquez was the time when Boobay suffered a stroke.

When confronted with the topic, Marian was unable to contain her tears. According to the actress, Boobay was one of the people in her life that she really takes care of. Rumors about her taking care of all the comedienne’s medical expenses surfaced, but she chose not to talk about the topic. She explained that she helped her friend because she loved him dearly.

Watch Marian Rivera Recalls Boobay Stroke In Tears #BFFGoals
She even shared her experience when she visited her hospitalized friend. Boobay was unable to recognize her due to the confused state brought about by his stroke. He was only thirty years old which made his condition surprising. Marian jokingly reprimanded her friend about taking care of his health.

Regine Velasquez could not help, but comment that Boobay was very blessed to have a friend like her.

The two best friends met during a now defunct show Extra Challenge in GMA 7 where the two became hosts. According to Boobay, it was Marian who approached him and asked him about his favorite cartoon character. They clicked ever since and continued their friendship until the primetime queen’s next show ‘Yan Ang Morning.’ It was also revealed how Marian influenced Boobay’s spiritual life.

The two even shared their promise to always be there for each other. The friendship between the primetime drama queen and comedienne-host truly are #BFFGoals.

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