Gabz Laurel was just having her usual break when she and her officemates saw something unusual and unexpected when they looked out the window. Hundreds of bees were swarming in the Ortigas skyline!

She did not waste time and took a video of the unusual sight, and uploaded it on social media. There it was met with shock and fear from netizens quickly connecting it to the bad omen of oarfish and other weird sea creatures washing up on shore before the strong earthquake hit Surigao City.
The shares it gained from social media mostly told warnings of another impending disaster to hit the country again.

Videos of Bees Swarming Ortigas Skyline Went Viral
In an interview with GMA news, Laurel said that it was 3 pm when she and her officemates took their break. They then saw hundreds of insects swarming outside their building. Upon closer look, they found out that they were bees. Laurel said the swarm stayed for almost an hour.

Some netizens claim it is one of the signs the world is ending, while some say it could be that the bees are sensing a change in the environment or a coming calamity.
However, during an interview with bee expert Dra. Cleofas Cervencia, it was merely a pre-productive swarm. The hundreds of bees were just passing by and looking for a permanent home.

According to Wikipedia, swarming is a natural process by which a new colony is being formed. The swarm can contain thousands to ten thousands of bees usually within a two or three week period depending on the location. Furthermore, they are known to stay in an area for a few hours.

In contrary to bad luck sign netizens fear about the incident, a swarm of bees is actually considered a good omen of prosperity in some Western cultures.

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