A very strange and very hairy remains of a large creature had been washed ashore of Cagdianoa in Dinagat eastern Philippines. It scary image caused panic among local residents and netizens, thinking it was some kind of a sea monster.

In a Facebook post by one resident from Cagdianao named Marjorie Cabatingan Aboy, she uploaded an image of the alleged sea monster. She wrote translated in English, "My God, what is this creature? So scary, all these things coming out of the sea. What could be the meaning of these appearances? We leave our fate to you, Lord,"

‘Sea Monster’ Washed Ashore Eastern Philippines Was Actually A Whale Carcass
Her post became viral, gaining over 30,000 reactions, 95,000 shares and 16,000 comments just within 24 hours since posting last Wednesday, February 22.

However, when scientists saw the images of the carcass, it is apparently not a sea monster that netizens fear, but rather a very badly decayed whale.

According to Marcus Chua, Curator of Mammals at Singapore’s Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM), it is highly likely a dead while and the white strands people saw are probably decomposing blubber and connective tissues. He added that they had similar experience of a dead whale’s carcass, the same appearance as one on the pictures which washed ashore in 2015. The skeleton of which is now a centerpiece display at the LKCNHM.
It is still required a closer examination by marine biologist, though, to positively identify the Dinagat’s whale carcass’ species by looking at its anatomy.

This case had been one of the many incidents of weird and unfamiliar sea creatures mysteriously washing up on shores all over the world causing panic and fear due to superstitions and speculations. One of which was the discovery of some oarfish on different locations across the country that people believe to be a sign of an impending earthquake.

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