Calling the attention of avid smokers! President Duterte is set to sign an executive order (EO) on a nationwide smoking ban, a palace official said.

According to Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella, the revised draft of the executive order prepared by the Department of Health was submitted to the President’s office on Tuesday morning. Last January, Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial was asked by the president to draft an executive order similar to what Davao had been implementing, 100% smoke-free environment in public places.

President Duterte to Sign EO on Smoking Ban
Under the executive order, smoking indoors would also be prohibited. “There will be no smoking in public places anymore, whether indoor or outdoor. Parks, bus stations, and even in vehicles. All these are considered public places,” Ubial said.

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The EO will mandate all government agencies to implement the 100% smoking ban in all public places, not just Metro Manila. The local government units can also draft their own ordinances to implement the executive order. It will also send a clear signal to the members of the branch to implement systems and information drives to be able to prevent children, the poor and the general public from smoking in public places.

Davao City, where President Duterte had long been a mayor, has been observing the smoking ban for years. It has also been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an effective smoke-free order in an urban setting, demonstrating the smoke-free laws can work in the Philippines.
Currently, there are 66 countries in the world implementing smoking bans such as Australia, Germany and Singapore.

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