Brace yourselves Nokia fans! The best-selling phone of 2000 has made its comeback, but now with a bright colored skin. The retro mobile is set to return to a market now dominated by smart phones.

HMD, the company which owns the license to create phones under the Nokia brand, hopes that the move would help it make a fresh start in the market.  Ex-Nokia executives lead the said company, and are backed up by Chinese electronic giant Foxconn.

Nokia’s Iconic 3310 is Back with New Unique Features
HMD and Nokia revealed the much anticipated phone with now bigger screens priced at 49 euros or at around 50 USD. It also launched four moderately priced models ranging from 139 to 299 Euros ($145-$316).

According to experts, 3310 has a potential to be a hit product of 2017 due to its older Nokia fans looking to divert from the smartphone overload that often appeals to the younger crowds. HMD President Florian Seiche said at a media event that they were often asked by consumers to bring back the Nokia icons and the early 3310. But they claimed they outdid the previous version because the new one has one-month stand-by time.

Meanwhile Nokia’s smartphone line Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 have a very unique take on Android. They also launched the Nokia 6 Arte Black Limited Edition, making the total of four smartphones unveiled in Barcelona.

Nokia was a dominant maker of mobile phones during the pre-smartphone era, but was unable to cope up with the demand when iOs and Android were introduced in the market. Nokia was then sold to Microsoft Corp in 2014, but retreated from the phone business only after a few years. It then licensed its patents to HMD late last year.

The original 3310 sold 126 million units after its release in 2000, making it the 12th best-selling phone model in history.

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