Are you an unemployed loner? Are you someone who is at peace with himself? Do you have a Christian outlook? This job opening might be the perfect one for you. If you get the job, you would be rewarded with a stunning view of nature and the solidarity that comes with not having any neighbors. However, you should bear living without necessities like running water, electricity and internet.

Sounds good? You are then ready to pass your application as a hermit in Salzburg, Austria. Considered one the rarest jobs in the world, you would be relocated in a nearby hermitage built into steep cliffs characteristic of the Salzburg region that borders on Germany. The structure sits at an altitude of 4,600 feet.

Hiring: Austria is Looking for Hermit Applicant
According to the parish, there is really no classic job description for a hermit. You just need to be a person who is ‘at peace with himself.’ He should also have a Christian outlook and ready to greet visiting pilgrims and locals.

The last hermit was a Vienne pastor and psychotherapist who left last autumn to return to his normal life after just one stint. Before him, a Benedictine monk had the job for twelve years.
All things set aside, let’s talk about other things to consider. First, you need to be able to dodge bullets. In 1970, a resident hermit was fired a shotgun by a jealous local who did not get a job which terrified the poor guy running back home.

Second, you need to be well-off and able to support yourself during your April to November stint because unfortunately, the job is unpaid. If this is still not a deal breaker, you are now ready to send in your resume, cover letter and a current photo… through post. Remember, the place doesn’t have internet.

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