After a series of mysterious appearance of deep sea creatures and an unidentified carcass all over the shores of the Philippines, another added up to the list as a mysterious sea creature was found on Tandag City, Surigao Del Sur.

But unlike the first unidentified remains of a sea creature that washed up on the island of Dinagat, Surigao Del Norte, the one that washed up on Tandag was quite smaller. Twitter user @hero_peewee shared the images of the creature on his Twitter account. The photos show a hairy white blob probably about three feet tall.

Another Mysterious Sea-Creature Found on Surigao Shore
The first sea creature that washed up on Dinagat caused frenzy to both local citizens and netizens because of its huge form and hairy appearance. The discovery was made only a few days after a 6.5 Magnitude earthquake struck Surigao Del Norte.

Some people are now speculating that the appearances of these weird creatures foretell a warning of an impending disaster like a very strong earthquake. They also add that the recent findings of oarfish and sunfish, both deep-sea dwellers could make the speculations stronger.
Although there is a scientific merit on oarfish being an indicator of seismic movement on the ocean floor, it is still lacking enough evidence to be proven true.
— hero peewee bacuño (@hero_peewee) March 1, 2017Furthermore, the appearance of washed up ‘sea creatures’ is not as rare or mysterious as we think. These creatures were called ‘globsters’, an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shore. They are hard to be identified by untrained observers, and usually create controversy to its identity.

However, further investigations usually lead to conclusion that those ‘sea monsters’ are actually remains of whales, basking sharks or sea cows. What is still not clear is how these carcasses get washed up on shore when they are believed to be lying deep down in the ocean.

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