Senator Paolo Benigno Aquino IV proposed a bill to ban the burden of “No Permit No Exam” policy in schools that prohibits its students with financial problems to take an examination.

The Chairman of the Senate Education Committee explained that this discriminatory practice gives anxiety to the parents and students who are unable to pay their tuition and miscellaneous fees on time.

Senate Bill Wants to Remove 'No Permit No Exam' Policy
There were several reports that students took their own life because of financial constraints. He also added that the students and their families will benefit from it and uplift their dignities. Senate Bill 1235 will allow them to give a promissory note at their respective institution specifying the amount and date of payment.

The proposed measure will cover private and public elementary, high schools, universities and colleges. It will also forbid the students to attach a special permit from school faculties foregoing the administration of test. Institutions that will violate will face a Php 20000 to Php 50000 fine.

However, Senator Aquino reiterated that this measure will also protect the rights of every school by putting a rule for a fair payment on tuition fees. They will have the right to take a proper court action where their civil rights and liabilities will be distinguish and collected.

This will not proscribe the guardians and students to have an agreement with the school before progressing at the court. Senator Cynthia Villar also filed a similar bill but it only covers the public and private colleges and tech-vocational universities.

Senate Bill 722 instructs that students are obliged to pay the interest not more than 5% per year. Other similar bills were proposed in the past session of Congress but it did not become successful hence, it was only approved in the 1st 3 readings and was introduced to the committee for education. Because of this news, many netizens were excited and hopeful that this measure will implement in the future.

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