Jonathan Aguilar Garcia also known as Chokoleit became a trending topic in various social media accounts when a video of him kissing a guy was uploaded. In the 1 minute and 9 second video, the comedian and the unknown guy can be seen sharing a passionate kiss inside a bar.

You will also here a group of gays cheering the two while Ckokoleit and his partner  were very game on whatever they are telling them to do. One of his friends who took the video can be heard saying that he will delete the video with the right amount.

Comedian Chokoleit Kissing a Handsome Guy Trends on Social Media
The uploader of the video was revealed to be Aliah Ferrer Vasquez who is part of the comedian’s friends. As of this typing, the video now has more than 8.5 million views, liked by 39 K facebook users and was shared 103 K times.

Netizens who watched the kissing scandal got various reactions. There were some who were disgusted and annoyed with Chokoleit while the guy was called out that he just needs money to buy an Iphone 7 or give it to his girlfriend. Those were some of the rude comments that can be seen in the original post but there were also netizens especially from LGBT community who defend the comedian.

Hours after the video spread like wildfire, Chokoleit broke his silence and tweeted that social media trolls are immature, shallow and senseless so why bother? Instead pity the petty.

He also quoted a famous line from the movie “No Other Woman”; Kiss Me and don’t you dare fall in love with me. With his tweet, the comedian seemed not bothered with the backlash he received from the netizens.

His close friend Vice Ganda also defended him from bashers by saying that Chokoleit gave us hope that whoever you are there will always be that someone in this world who will find you attractive.

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