Valentine’s Day is nearing quite fast than we could imagine. And though, couples are very excited, with some planning early, single people are dreading for this day to come.

While you lovely ladies are already planning for a hide-out this Valentine’s Day, a gorgeous man has come to your rescue. This hunk is promising an unforgettable date for you in exchange for a small amount.

Single on Valentines? This guy is boyfriend for rent.
Meet Edward Gerald Reynoso, a student from Far Eastern University Manila and is from San Mateo Rizal. In one of his Facebook post, he offered himself as a “boyfriend for hire” and also included the price list and the things both of you can do.
The packages included were called ‘Landi Package for Php 500, “Sweet Package” for Php 1000, “Full Package” for Php 1,500 and the “Special Package” for Php 2000 where he promised he would do anything you like, even bring him anywhere as long as you pay for all the expenses.

In an update, he also included different “looks” or role-play you would want him to portray for an additional charge. It includes the “Cool Kid” look, “Gwapong-gwapo sa sarili” look, “Pormahang What Tzi Lei” look and the “Professor” look.

Netizens are going gaga over the post with it amassing almost 98,000 plus likes, 37,190 shares and more than forty-eight thousand nine hundred comments as of writing.

And who wouldn’t be interested to have this guy as a date? With his good looks and witty humor, it is really a good option to shell out a few bucks to have his company.

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