After gaining flak from social media and environmentalists, Viacom International Media Networks, owner of the supposed Nickelodeon attraction to be built in Palawan, issued a statement that a resort and not a theme park will be built in Coron.

Developer Coral World Park Undersea Resorts Inc. clarified via an email to that the title Agence France-Presse put on its article “Nickelodeon to build underwater theme Park in Palawan” did not accurately reflect the full details of their original announcement.

Developer Clarifies that it's not a Theme Park Underwater rather a Land based Resort
According to CWP marketing and communications director Susan Lee, contrary to the reports that a full 400-hectare structure would be developed under water, only 100 hectares have been allocated for the Nickelodeon facility and 30 hectares for the attraction itself.

“There will be no theme park development in Palawan.” Lee said in a statement, “There has never been any form of communication from our side mentioning a theme park. Our plans are to build a resort and attraction, of which we are designing an undersea attraction with an ocean conservation focus- this is reflected in the press release with Viacom International Media Networks.”

She added that the only infrastructure in the water is floating and all developments are on land. Furthermore, it would conform to international standards required as a global destination, advocating conservation tourism, renewable energy, environment protection and category 5 proof architecture.

AFP reported earlier this week that Nickelodeon would open a resort in 2020 that would feature restaurants and lounges six meters or 20 feet below sea level. The underwater development” would give fans a chance to “interact with the brand and iconic Nickelodeon characters.”

CWP stated that resort would be built on private property and would secure all necessary permits and approval from the government before starting construction. Government officials in Palawan have said earlier that they have not yet received any application coming from the said company.

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