Youtuber Adam Saleh who is known for his online pranks shared with his followers that he was kicked out of a Delta airplane because he spoke Arabic while talking with his mom over the phone.

As of this typing, the facebook video was viewed more than 25 million times and netizens expressed their shocked and anger with the said airline. According to a report, Saleh was escorted off from his flight from London Heathrow to New York when 20 passengers whined about him.

Social Media Star Adam Saleh Allegedly Kicked-Out on his Delta Flight
The identities of the people who complained were still unknown. The whole incident was caught on cam and was immediately televise worldwide. The notorious prankster claimed that a number of people complained although there was no evidence yet to confirm the racism claims.

A passenger who witnessed Saleh’s behavior was interviewed by the media believed that he was not talking with his mother.  The social media star is infamous for having pranks on aero planes but was never kicked off before.
After Saleh was removed from his flight, he was interviewed by the police without any charges and Delta Airlines rebooked him to another flight to New York along with his friend, Slim. The online joker said on his video that just because he spoke on another language, they will feel uncomfortable.

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He also believed that the complaints came from 6 white people.  Because of this incident, the airline releases a statement by saying that they gathering facts before jumping to conclusions of discrimination.

They reiterated that there people were trained to handle conflicts within the passengers. Delta also has plans to speak on their crew with other passengers once the flight lands this afternoon and will give more detailed information. The Metropolitan Police then confirmed that Saleh and his companion were not arrested and no offences were divulged.

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