Japanese Comedian and Singer Pikotaro behind the viral hit “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” is still surprised when his 45-second song became a worldwide phenomenon. The newest sensation whose real name is Kazuhito Kosaka got recognition from Guinness World Records as the shortest song to enter the Billboard Hot 100. Just last week, the song entered the US Chart at no. 77 making him the first Japanese Singer in 26 years to enter the popular music chart.

Viral Hit PPAP Song Sets Guinness Book of World Records
It was also viewed 67 million times since it became viral last September. There were also more than 40,000 videos mimicking Pikotaro stabbing a pen in an apple and pineapple while singing simple English lyrics and dancing the catchy beat. The song initially became popular with Japanese Students until pop singer Justin Beiber tweeted about it saying that it was his favorite video on the internet. According to the Japanese Media, Pikotaro was barely known in their country before PPAP.

The unlikely popstar charmed the media at the press conference last Friday in Tokyo wearing his signature animal print shirt and trousers. He expressed his amazement that a $950 video produced in a 6-hour session will have a global success by saying that internet is a wonderful thing.

The 53-year old singer also revealed that his favorite imitation videos so far were from India but was discouraged to imitators when thet were using real fruits. He then jokingly said that without Justin’s influence, only 4 people will show up in the press room. Despite his fame right now, he insisted that nothing has change in his life since the success of PPAP. He hopes to have a world tour but doubts that the craze will not last long but he admitted that he will make more fun song teasing that it will be about citrus fruits.

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