Due to heavy rains that occurred last weekend in Naga City, a concrete part of the multimillion-peso Revitalization Program to resuscitate the river during Bicol’s fluvial procession every September got damaged. This rehabilitation project was initiated by former Congresswoman and now Vice-President Leni Robredo that was funded by Countrywide Development Fund (CDF) from the Aquino Administration. As of this typing, her camp remains silent for this matter.

Bicol River Project by Leni Robredo, Collapsed
According to Mayor John Bongat, the wall subsided at Barangay San Felipe and insisted that they temporarily deny the turnover of the project until it is properly completed. When the engineers of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) were asked on what caused the revetment project to slump, they revealed that the 100 meter concrete fence built on top of the wall by the owner of Santo Nino Memorial Park is one of the reasons of the damage.

It was also publicized that there was no permit or consent from the local government before it was constructed. Meanwhile, a local radio reporter observed that the rain since November 1 also contributed for this damage. He also compared this collapse to the Irrigation Dam at Nagua, Camarines Sur in 1993.

Irene Mariano, the owner of the private cemetery reiterated that there was no permit from the City Engineering Office but denied the allegations that it was the cause of collapse. She also revealed that because of this program, the government cut 6.5 meters on the mandatory property line without complaining and suggested that the administration should investigate the structural integrity of this project.

However, the City Engineering Office believes that the fences cause the collapsed but there is a possibility that the revetment had a sub-standard quality of work. Bicol Goldrock Constructions (BGCC) claimed that they’ve been working on this project for almost a year without receiving a single cent. They will also reconstruct the program with the suggestion from DPWH.

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