Republican Candidate Donald Trump had an astonishing victory against Former First Lady Hillary Clinton when he was voted as their 45th President of the United States despite having no political background. The Republican nominee was joined by his wife Melania Trump and their children Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron inside the Hilton Hotel and told the crowd that the Republicans, Democrats and Independents across America must come together as one.

Americans Stuns as Donald Trump Wins US Presidency
The newly elected President also revealed to the crowd that Secretary Clinton called to congratulate him before he took the stage. He showed his gratitude and sincerely congratulated the Democratic nominee and her family on their hard-fought campaign. With his win, it is the 1st time in 8 years that a non-democrat will take a state position and he had pledged to outdo the achievements of Outgoing President Barack Obama. Trump also revealed that he will revoke the Former President’s health care law, trade deals with other countries and nuclear agreement with Iran. During his political campaign, Trump had overcome controversial remarks against Muslims, Latin Americans and several sexual allegations on women.

When news broke out that the celebrity businessman won the election, Investors from the different countries showed concerns on how will Trump’s Presidency will affect the Global Stock Markets. Netizens also expressed their frustrations to the brash billionaire’s victory including celebrities. Pop singer Lady Gaga tweeted that we must pray for America and was seen protesting outside the Trump Tower.

Other celebs like Katy Perry tweeted that she is planning a revolution while Ariana Grande revealed that she was in tears. Captain America actor Chris Evans also tweeted that it is an embarrassing night for America when some let a bully set a course. Meanwhile Late Night Show Host James Corden compared his feelings to Brexit. When most of them were devastated, few were thinking positive like Sophia Bush that she still believes in their country and must unite.

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