The proposed law to extend the 100 Day Maternity Leave with pay now has a plenary approval from the house committee for women and gender equality. House Bill 4113 will also propose the unpaid 30- day extension from the government and private sector for female workers. As of now, the allowable maternity leave for them is 60 to 78 days. This will give benefits for the female employees regardless of their civil status, pending administrative cases and those who are non-members of the Social Security System (SSS).

New Maternity Bill Allows 100 days of Paid Leave
The House Committee headed by Representative Emmeline Aglipay Villar favored the bill before the 17th Congress went on a 2-week break. She added that it only needs to be sponsored at the plenary session before the Congress will approve it on the final reading. A previous bill during the 16th Congress was also approved at the 3rd hearing but it failed to pass as a law.

If the HB 4113 will implement, soon to be mothers in a workplace can avoid from being terminated on their respective jobs. They will also have an opportunity to transfer on a unit under their company not affecting their position or salary. Learning this news, netizens were amused especially women who are in maternity leave. Dqq7584 said that it is a bill that every Filipinos will embrace regardless of our different political affiliations while mickey was amazed that mothers will now have a longer vacation to take care of their health and their newborn babies.

FINALLY! President Duterte Approves Php 2,000 SSS Pension Hike

Justin who is a married was also happy upon knowing that his wife will benefit with this law. Meanwhile Brendan d. has a request to increase the compensations on their companies. On the other hand, Ancap felt that it will have disadvantages; if it will be approve, women will be less likely to be hired the same for Paternity Leave that might result for bigger unemployment or few working hours.

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