The arrest of 37-year old actor Mark Anthony Fernandez became a headline yesterday after he was caught owning a kilo of Marijuana inside his car. After he was detained at Section 6 in Angeles City Police District, he has undergone a drug test at the PNP Crime Laboratory.

Mark Anthony Fernandez Uses Marijuana to Fight Cancer
Just this morning, the result was he is positive in marijuana but negative for methamphetamine. As stated by a news report, Fernandez was seized at the Prosecutor’s Office after the result was released. The authorities filed 3 charges against the former matinee idol; use of dangerous drugs, transportation of illegal drugs and possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia. When Fernandez was caught last Monday night, he told the media that he was using marijuana to prevent cancer and he thought that a lot of countries have legalized cannabis.

Representative Albano filed a bill during PNoy’s term to legalize marijuana for medical purposes but it did not pass. He has a plan to file it again as our President Duterte was quoted after the elections that he is okay with it. Fernandez was then asked if he is currently sick, the actor replied that he has rheumatism. Fernandez reiterated that he only brought a few but abruptly someone put a kilo of marijuana when he stopped his car and probably it might be one of the police who caught him.  Chief Inspector Guevarra contradicts the actor’s accusations and insists that it was just a legal operation.

Meanwhile a photo of 2 female police officers with Fernandez became viral as if they were star struck with the former matinee idols presence. The actor was also seen the same shirt when he was taken for his mug shot. One of them was identified to be Angeles where her name was visible through her name patch.

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