After the highly publicized relationship for just three months with Thor actor, Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift is reportedly interested with Korean actor Lee Minho according to a report by Channel News Asia. As stated on their report, the Boys over Flowers actor is what the Bad Blood singer needs right now.

Korean Actor Lee Min Ho Rumored Courting Taylor Swift
It was just last week when the Hiddleston-Swift relationship ended and made headlines. There were two versions of the reason of their break-up that circulated on different social media platforms. On a report by Heat Street, Taylor dumped Tom while the actor’s friends said that it was Tom who decided to dump the singer as he got tired of her and it wasn’t the other way around.

Other sources claim that Tom is frequently changing his girlfriends and he has a three-month rule for each of them. 

A theater producer who worked with him reiterated that Taylor did not dumped Tom and he just drifted from her. The friends of blank space singer also have their own version.

They revealed that Hiddleswift struggled to maintain their long distance relationship in mid-august. Taylor also had doubts at the beginning of their relationship as Tom has an impression of loving the limelight as he was offered the role of the next James Bond.

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On the other hand, Lee Minho is currently shooting in Barcelona, Spain for his upcoming drama entitled “Legend of the Blue Sea” opposite actress Jun Jihyun. He was previously watched on hit film “Bounty Hunters” and he is now an ambassador Georgia Gotica, a canned coffee brand.

On his personal life, he is reportedly have an on and off relationship with singer-actress Bae Suzy. Even though they deny their break-up, rumors still doesn’t die down. It everything doesn’t work out with the two Korean stars, Lee Minho does have a chance with Taylor Swift.

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