October 10, 2016- During the 4th House Hearing regarding the alleged Bilibid Drug Trade, Jaybee Sebastian revealed that he gave atleast Php14 Million to Former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila De Lima. The said money was used as the latter's campaign fund for the 2016 election which she had won.

Jaybee Sebastian Giving De Lima 14 Million but Not her Asset
On Sebastian's affidavit which was read before the House of Representatives' justice committee, he said that he started giving Senator de Lima Php2 Million through Joenel Sanchez a few days before Christmas of 2014. Joenel Sanchez was Senator De Lima's former security aide. Sebastian even claimed that a certain inmate named "Catapang" saw the transaction which happened inside the BuCor Chief's office. The Commando Gang leader also received a call from Senator de Lima a day after the transaction. Sebastian said, "May narinig ako sa kabilang linya na boses ng babae na kaboses ni Secretary De Lima at sinabi niya sa akin na ‘Jaybee Merry Christmas’ at sumagot naman ako na ‘Merry Christmas din po ma’am, natanggap niyo po ba ang regalo ko sayo?’ at sumagot naman si Secretary na ‘Yes Jaybee, Merry Christmas"

On January 2015, Jaybee Sebastian left another Php2 Million inside the Bureau of Corrections Chief Franklin Jesus Bucayu's office again, but this time it was Senator De Lima who he spoke with directly. De Lima ordered Sebastian to leave the drug money somewhere in the office since Sanchez was not there to receive it. The following month Sanchez reminded Sebastian about their deal to raise fundings for De Lima's campaign. According to Sebastian, from March up until May 2015, he was remitting his "monthly quota" of Php5 Million to De Lima which was not easy.

Sebastian even told Sanchez that it won't be easy since most of the Chinese drug lord inmates were already in NBI. But, Joenel responded that Senator De Lima was relying on Jaybee to raise funds and she may be frustrated. By June to July, Sebastian was already unable to comply with his monthly quota.

Jaybee Sebastian also mentioned that he even thought that the reason why he was not transferred to Bilibid 19 (Building 4) initially was because the Former Secretary of Justice and Bureau of Corrections saw how disciplined he was compared to the other inmate leaders. But then, he was wrong. At the end of the day, they also had used him to gather funds for De Lima's campaign. The 36 year-old Commando Gang leader also denied De Lima's claim that he was her "asset".

Jaybee Sebastian was one of the four high-profile inmates who got involved in the stabbing incident inside the Building 14 of New Bilibid Prison on September 28.

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