French newspaper, “The Liberation” featured the country’s bloody war against drugs with a headline “Rodrigo Duterte: The Serial Killer President”. They specifically mentioned the Davao Death Squad who allegedlly help Duterte get rid of the rebels in the city. Duterte was at the front page for its 4-page article about the government’s ruthless campaign on anti-drugs where nearly 3,700 people were killed.

French Newspaper calling Duterte a Serial Killer President
They also talked about Duterte’s tirades to US President Barack Obama and Pope Francis. The Liberation written by Arnaud Vaulerin is just one of the latest foreign media outlets like TIME, Washington Post, The Guardian, and New York Times who reported the extra-judicial killings in the country. On his radio interview with DZMM, Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella criticized the French publication.

He was quoted saying that the tabloid was irresponsible for using careless words in describing our statesman. Abella also said that they lack of understanding the real condition in our country. Contrary to the article about the Philippines and Duterte, he reiterated that the Filipinos actually support the government’s campaign on anti-drugs according to a recent SWS survey where Duterte had a +64 net satisfaction rating.

Interior Secretary Mike Sueno also gave his opinion about the controversial French newspaper by saying that calling Duterte a serial killer is unfair. He also insisted that there are no extra-judicial killings in the country. Those who were killed were only the ones who fight with the authorities while some were committed by vigilante groups. Communications Secretary Martin Andanar refused to comment regarding this matter and revealed that he hasn’t read the article yet.

According to a report by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, Php 8.21 billion worth of drugs were confiscated under the Duterte Administration in its first 100 days. Meanwhile, Most Filipino netizens have mixed reactions about the latest criticism by Duterte from the foreign media.

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