The guessing game is now over on who is the real father of Andi Eigenman’s daughter, Ellie. The Camp Sawi actress’ half sister Maxene Eigenmann revealed the truth at the podcast of controversial DJ Mo Twister entitled “ Good Times with Mo”  last September 22. Mo asked Maxene for her reaction on the recent feud between her half sister and estranged ex-boyfriend. She answered that the two were always like that and she is used to it but they are not going to get back together.

Real Father of Andi Eigenman’s Daughter Revealed
The ex-lovers became a hot topic last August for their twitter war when Jake felt that Andi is using him to promote her movie but the actress expressed her anger through her social media. Meanwhile DJ Mo commented that he actually liked Andi and Jake together despite their cold treatment with each other. Maxene then agreed to him and revealed that Jake is the father of her niece. Mo responded that Ejercito is the father figure of Andi’s daughter but not biologically however Maxene reiterated that Jake is actually the biological father when they did a DNA test.

Because of this, Mo got surprised by her revelation while Maxene explained that the former lovers are co-parenting their daughter and that is the reason why Jakes social media accounts are filled with Ellie’s pictures. Mo also asked her on Jake’s visitation rights but Maxene answered that Jake doesn’t need it because he can visit his daughter anytime he wants. Maxene then revealed that Andi is currently seeing a surfer guy for a year.
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As of this typing, Andi and Jake is yet to give their responses about this matter.  Upon learning this news, Albie responded on his interview with ABS-CBN News that he felt relieved. His family was wrongly accused on how he was raised by his parents and other unnecessary things. In 2011 when Andi got pregnant, several speculations arouse that actor Albie Casino was the father who was Andi’s boyfriend at that time. After they broke-up, Andi then dated Jake until 2014.

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