Our President Rodrigo Duterte has been in the headlines ever since he started to lead the country. One of the particular issues is about his campaign on anti-drugs that led to many extra- judicial killings. Some may like the way Duterte is doing but some were also devastated particularly the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

President Rodrigo Duterte wants to Ban Miniskirts in Philippines
It also cause his feud with Senator Leila de Lima who was a former chairperson of the mentioned organization. Nowadays, there is an alleged news by stating that our fiery president is planning to ban women wear miniskirts especially in public places to avoid sexual immorality.

This law will also refrain Filipino women wear short attires that can attract perverted men. Ladies were given at least two weeks to get rid of these clothings. According to the report, Duterte  believes that Filipinos will accept this law if this will implement in the future.

When this news was known by Filipino netizens, they had different opinions. On a forum named, they discussed their supplications on the said law. A username Robert k stated that the site might just be a hoax and the popular news site was just parodied by adding a number on their own micro blogging site. charlyB agreed to the latter’s statement  as he was fooled by this site about UK waiving visa requirements for Filipinos but it turned out be false.

Another netizen named Show Pony said that if it is true, it will be less trouble for women while Dave_Hounddriver is wondering if Duterte will also ban women wear bikinis. On the other hand, Wildlands1 jokingly stated that he felt okay that the news site was just a hoax cause he won’t spend a lot of money to buy her girlfriend new clothes as she don’t own any clothes that won’t cause sexual excitement.

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