According to Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin, the relationship between China and Philippines might be back on track and will appropriately handle the disputes, Liu told the Philippine delegation who visited in Beijing last September 13. The Philippine delegation consists of retired diplomats led by Rafael Alunan. He added that because of obvious reasons, the relations between the two countries became tenebrous but presently, the China-Philippine relations can have a turning point.

China Sees Good Relationship with Philippines through Duterte Administration
The two has been on a territorial dispute for South China Sea until the arbitration panel in the Hague favored the Philippines over China last July. With this ruling, China refuses to recognize it while President Duterte is hoping to make peace with China repeatedly but without compromising the verdict of the tribunal. Aside from China, other countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia also claim the South China Sea. The statement of the top Chinese diplomat is a breather for the 2 countries to have a better relationship that’s been in an ugly feud.

Former President Fidel Ramos was appointed by President Duterte to patch things up and have formal negotiations with China last week. Both countries also want to ease the tension when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang told Duterte that he is hoping for the two countries to have mutual ties.

Meanwhile militant group Pamalakaya said that the aggression of China in Scarborough Shoal was because of the presence of US military. Fernando Hicap, a chairman of Pamalakaya, stated that China wanted to have a peaceful conclusion but the White House keeps on interfering that’s why the situation became worse. He added that they are supporting Duterte’s decision to pursue our country as an independent foreign policy. PDP-LABAN, which is Duterte’s political party then revealed that the president decided to step out of the US’ shadow.

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