One of the things that incoming president Rodrigo Duterte wants to improve is the system in processing business permits, licenses and passports in just 3 days. This kind of rule was implemented in Davao City where he became a mayor for more than 22 years hence; he wants this rule to be followed throughout the country in all Local Government Units (LGU).

In getting police clearance, the National Bureau of Investigation must occupy this within a day specifically for 10 minutes while the Land Transportation Office (LTO) must do a driver’s license in 10 minutes. Licenses should be suitable for 3 to 5 years not only for 1 year while a passport must be at least 10 years.

Duterte Administration to Lengthen Validities in Licenses and Passports
A renewal is obliged to go online if an applicant has no disparaging record. Duterte stated that computers must be properly used for the welfare of Filipinos. Aside from extending the validation of licenses and passports, the Duterte administration is also planning to remove the expiration date of birth certificates that usually has 6 months validation and having 93% of free wifi in our country before the year ends.

Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Affairs told ABS-CBN News that there is a proper law to extend the validity of passports. Secretary Frank Cimafranca said that if it will push through, the applicants will costs a lot of money from 44 pages to 60. Incoming Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno also expressed his opinion and he is approving of this new law. US visa now has a 10 year validation so why not our Philippine visa.

Job seekers will also benefit to the removal of expiration in birth certificates to avoid lack of time and money. The Information and Communications Technology Office will handle about the free wifi not only to selected areas but also to public places with the help of other government unit the Department of Information and Communications Technology.

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