This week has been the battle of the exes when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber had a heated exchange on their Instagram accounts where the latter then deactivated his Instagram account the next day. In our local scene, former lovers Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito took to their twitter accounts to expressed their annoyance with each other last August 16.

It started when Andi revealed at the presscon of her upcoming movie “Camp Sawi “ that she has moved on to Jake Ejercito whom she dated 2 years ago. She also told the media that there is no reconciliation between her and Ejercito. Knowing this, Jake tweeted why his name was mentioned to promote a movie that he was not even a part of.

Andi Eigenmann and Jake Ejercito's Twitter War after Promoting a Movie
Without mentioning Andi’s name, he described her as someone whom he doesn’t have a contact in a long time.  Jake’s tweet made Andi furious and she defended herself through a series of tweets. She started that on their film’s title itself, it’s about girls who’ve gone to failed relationships and she just answer the question to whom she was hurt the most.

She also tweeted that out the casts’ exes, he was the only one who reacted. Andi also insists that she doesn’t need him to promote her movie for she has co-stars who are gorgeous and amazing. At the end of her tweet, she specifically mentioned the name of her ex.

Meanwhile, Jake replied to his follower who asked him to listen on Andi’s sentiments but he replied that he rather be real than being a relevant sham. Andi then tweeted that if she was a relevant sham, then Jake is just a talentless guy who rides the fame of Aldub to be on the spotlight and to campaign his dad. Andi insisted that she is just defending herself and doesn’t regret it.

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