GMA7 finally released the much anticipated comeback of Encantadia this 2016 in our local television by releasing its trailer last June 11. It was first released at the ToyCon PH 2016 where the new 4 sang’gres were present at the event.

Watch the Most Awaited Comeback of Encantadia 2016 First Trailer Released
They are Glaiza de Castro who will play as Pirena, the eldest of the 4 and ambitious one. She is the keeper of the fire gem that was originally played by Sunshine Dizon.
Kylie Padilla will play Amihan that was originally played by Iza Calzado  is the successor of their mother Queen Mine-a to lead Lireo. She is the keeper of the gem of wind and she is also the most skilled warrior among her sisters.
Gabbi Garcia will have the role of Alena who is the keeper of the gem of water and was originally played by Karylle. She has the power to kill her enemies using her beautiful voice.
The youngest among the 4 is the newcomer Sanya Lopez who will play the role of Danaya, who is the keeper of the gem of earth , was originally played by Diana Zubiri. She has the power to talk with plants and animals. She also has the ability to heal wounds.

On the trailer, you will see the silhouettes of the 4 sang’gres  where they are displaying their skills and controlling the elements of their weapons. There is no dialogue involved but you will feel nostalgic once you will hear its iconic theme sang by Bayang Barrios.

The other casts also include Rocco Nacino, Ruru Madrid, Klea Pineda, Migo Adecer and many more. Dingdong Dantes who originally played Ybarro will returned as Raquim and his real life wife Marian Rivera will play Ynang Reyna as the parents of the 4 sanggres. Encantadia became popular when it aired in 2005 and it was also one of the drama series where its finale happened live.

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