When you are a celebrity and you are doing a live show, uncertain things will happen when you don’t expect it. This is what happened to comedian and host Jose Manalo of the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga.

Watch Jose Manalo Fall on River During Sugod-Bahay Segment
When Jose together with Wally Bayola visited the residence of the winner for their sugod-bahay segment in Juan for All, All for Juan last June 14, he got curious and tried the “balsa-balsahan” to cross the river. When he is almost there, he suddenly fell. His co-hosts Vic Sotto, Tito Sotto, Allan K and their audiences bursts into laughter.

Even though Jose fell, he still tried it again to give more joy to their Dabarkads. On his interview with GMA News, he thought that it’s easy to ride the balsa-balsahan that the residents of Malabon use whenever they cross the river. Jose also reprimanded their viewers especially the young ones to never try what he did.

Because of Jose’s antics on their show, he trended on various social media accounts. As of this typing, it already had more than 1 million views, 43 K likes, shared by 6102 users and has 2357 comments on the official facebook account of Eat Bulaga. Netizens and Viewers were used to Jose’s antics because wherever they went on each barangay, he is always curious on what can be interesting since the segment started last 2009.

Aside from the official video of Eat Bulaga, a citizen from Malabon captured the moment when Jose fell on the river then uploaded it. On the said video, the moment was not seen on the official video of Eat Bulaga and the residents were laughing at Jose. It can be seen at the facebook account of Filipino Dubs where it now has more than 640,000 views and liked by 28,882 users. A netizen Irwin Sobrevilla posted he thought Jose intentionally fell himself because he’s a comedian while Mhace Oliveros stated she hurt her because of too much laughing.

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