The 13th season of Shakey’s V-League Open Conference became more exciting when volleyball fans got to see Alyssa Valdez, who is a 3x UAAP MVP, debuted with her team, Bali Pure against University of the Philippines with scores 20-25, 25-22, 15-25, 25-17,15-12 last June 13 at San Juan Arena.

Volleyball Player Valdez’ debut with Bali Pure Clinched Victory vs.UP
Valdez just returned from her European trip before reuniting with Purest Water Defenders but she contributed a score of 26 points, 23 attacks, and 3 aces. The 1st set was owned by Lady Maroons but Bali Pure bounce back on the 2nd set with Valdez’ efforts and UP’s errors. The 3rd set was then dominated by UP led by Kathy Bersola denying the efforts of NCAA MVP Soltones.

UP had a momentum coming in the 4th set but Bali Pure started with a 5-0 run through the serving of Jem Ferrer and eventually Bali Pure won the 4th set. On the last set, Bali Pure had 14-7 but UP is far from backing down when Molde scored 4 straight points. When it reached 14-12, Valdez did the deciding point and Bali Pure won the game.

Charo Soriano who is a playing coach for Bali Pure contributed with 5 points. She commended Alyssa’s presence on the court saying she plays with a lot of confidence and it is contagious with her other teammates. Soriano then added that Bali Pure had a slow start but they motivated each other and eventually won the game. Valdez said on her interview that it was a struggle because it’s a first time for her to team up with other players of Bali Pure but it is very important that you are working together with your teammates inside the court. Aside from Valdez, Soltones and Ahomiro contributed with 15 and 10 points respectively while Molde had 22 points and Bersola had 19 for UP in a losing effort.

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