Paulo Pinheiro, a Commision Chief of the United Nations Human Rights Council recently revealed with the media that since the start of the Syrian War in 2011 by the attacks of jihadists including ISIS and militants of Al-Qaeda, a number of more than 700 doctors and other medical workers died because of the conflict.

Syrian War Kills Total of 700 Doctors
Many of them were killed because of air strikes. Jihadists were mainly targeting hospitals and medical clinics across Syria. Because of this problem, it is now impossible to give treatments to those who got injured with the attacks in hospitals. With the attacks of ISIS at Syria, school buildings, mosques, and hospitals now look like rubble.

Last April, an armed force that is loyal to President al-Assad attacked the al-Quds hospital at Aleppo. One of the medical workers that were killed was Dr. Mohammad Wassim Maaz. In May, 60 were killed and 100 got injured with the attacked by Russian bombers at the 2 hospitals at Idlib.

Aside from medical professionals, a total of 280,000 civilians died and millions displaced from their homes. Pinheiro also added that jihadists led by Jabhat Al Nusra did a lot of human rights violations like getting children from their mothers and will be train once they reach the age of 7 were force to join on their ranks.

Aside from that, Yazidi women and girls were being sold in markets, brutally rape and beaten by each fighter while their dignities were slowly wrenched as the days passed. Vian Dakhil, a yazidi woman who is present at the conference seek help from the UN and she is hoping that this will bring to the International Criminal Court. Dakhil then revealed that there are 1000 boys that is brainwashed by the ISIS to prepare for battle and 3200 women are still being captive.

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