Before twitter, facebook, skype and other social media platforms, yahoo messenger was the most popular messaging software among the millennials. It was used in interacting with your friends through chat and to meet strangers. As the time goes by, yahoo messenger is losing its popularity because of newer and upgraded versions in chatting with your loved ones.

Yahoo Messenger to Closed Down on August 5
Amotz  Maimon, yahoo’s chief architect posted on his blog  that starting from August 5, 2016, the old yahoo messenger will no longer be activated. It means that users will not be able to log-in or send a message hence, they will now focus on the new yahoo messenger which is available in desktop, mobile and web that has a new platform. It also has a faster way to send or unsend a message, pictures and also animated gifs. Yahoo also encourages their users  to convert to the new yahoo messenger.

Until now, yahoo has no comment on what will happen to the old yahoo messenger but according to the tech news sites Engadget and VentureBeat, the software will no longer work on the said date.

Upon learning the deactivation of the old yahoo messenger this August, users from now and then got nostalgic on how the social networking will be miss. Some of the netizens were with a username @harsh4u posted that he downloaded the application for the last time. Another netizen @Sudo4Abhi requested yahoo bring back the messenger’s old interface.

Meanwhile @gulshanrj reminisce the days where he got his first blind date. Yahoo first launched the messenger in 1998 with a former name “yahoo pager”. Despite the competitiveness in the field of social networking, it remains as an important tool in busking industry. It was also popular at Asia-Pacific where the oil traders were communicating to talk about the commodity prices according to Bloomberg.  The legacy of yahoo messenger still lives on through the new yahoo messenger that can be downloaded on app store or google play.

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