It’s been a while since we have latest news about Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago. Last June 20, her daughter-in-law took a picture of the feisty senator together with her husband, Narciso Santiago and their 3 grandchildren.

Latest Whereabouts of Sen. Miriam Santiago
It was then posted to Miriam’s official facebook account and captioned it that the senator and their whole family were thankful to everyone who wishes for the fast recovery of Sen. Miriam. They are also hoping   that everyone will continue to pray for the senator’s immediate healing. The senator was hospitalized earlier this month due to the complications in her battle with stage 4 lung cancer where she stayed at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for 2 days but was then discharged after almost 2 weeks.

Her staff revealed last June 19 on her twitter and facebook accounts that the senator feels better now and her pneumonia was now under control.  The supporters of the senator were at ease knowing the stability of Sen. Mriam’s health. They also stated that the battle of the political veteran was not yet over after the elections but they believe that Sen. Miriam can recover from her disease. We just need a continuous prayer for her full recovery.

After the senator’s presidential race, her public appearances lessen due to her medical condition. Last June 15, Sen. Miriam celebrated her 71st birthday and she was thankful to her family, fellow politicians and supporters who greeted her on her birthday. She also thanked God for having an opportunity to serve our country and feel blessed for having a happy family and good friends for 71 years. The senator lost to president-elect Rodrigo Duterte last May 9 elections and after that, she had a medical leave. Senator Miriam will end her term this coming June 30 and will be the start of Duterte Administration.

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