A group of employees from a rural commercial bank in China on their company’s event were scolded and humiliated on stage when they didn’t exceed the expectations of their mean manager. In the video footage, a group of 5 male and 3 female employees were asked by the manager on why they have a poor performance. After they were interviewed, the manager shockingly punished the employees with 4 spanks each on their backside using a wooden stick.

Watch Chinese Manager Spanked his Employees on Stage
A woman even got off balance with one of the hits. Other employees were watching them on their dinner tables while they were brutally punished and some were turning their heads away due to embarrassment. The viral video first spread through weibo, China’s own version of twitter last June 19 then it was uploaded on the facebook page by China’s People’s Daily. Netizens around the world were outraged by the manager’s behavior especially non-chinese stating that the violent manager deserves a spank in return and he should be fired from his job.

The guy from the video was known to be Jiang Feng who is a coach in Hongfeng Leadership School from Shanghai. He was hired by the Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank in Changzhi to become a corporate coach to train their employees and improve their professional development.

Feng apologized to what he did and reiterate that he learned a lesson from the incident. The bank has a total of 216 staffs and they were divided into 27 teams. It was then revealed that the lowest ranked team will receive a spank as a punishment. According to Beijing News, a local newspaper, revealed that the bank gave $15,300 as a salary for Feng at the 2-day training camp. The supervisory body of the bank also released a statement revealing that they dismissed 2 executives from the commercial bank.

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