June 19, 2016 (Sunday, Pacific Time) - After 52 years of a title drought, Cleveland Cavaliers won tonight's game versus defending champion Golden State Warriors by 93-89. LeBron James fulfilled his promise of bringin¬g back the title to Cavs by a free throw shot made 10.6 seconds before the game ends. Before that Kyrie Irving delivered a three-pointer with 53 seconds remaining.

Cavs Won the NBA Finals from a 3-1 Deficit. LeBron James Won his 3rd MVP
Cleveland made history for being the first team who won the title¬¬ after a 3-1 deficit in the Finals. This could also be the biggest game of LeBron James' career so far. He scored 27 points, with 11 rebounds and 11 assists tonight. Right beside him doing all the hard work was Kyrie Irving who scored 26 points. In Game 5 and 6, LeBron scored 41 each and so was Irving at Game 5.

James said on a post-game interview that this is why he returned back to the Cavs and at that moment he was at a loss for words. "This is unbelievable. It doesn't feel real right now.", he also added.

According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, it was a unanimous decision that James bagged this year's Finals MVP. He scored his 16th triple double in the playoffs and seventh in an NBA Finals.

Dan Gilbert, Cavalier's owner, said, "The people of Cleveland deserve this more than any other people I've ever seen or met or felt. No group deserves this more. No fan base deserves this more. I'm speechless and proud of everybody."

On the other hand, GSW best player and last 2 years' MVP Stephen Curry said that he did not play efficiently tonight though he had some good moments; they were not enough to help his team. Curry was fouled out in Game 6 and was fined for $25,000 for throwing his mouthpiece. It was his first ejection ever in his entire career.

Frustrated maybe but his humility and sportsmanship was still evident tonight on his interview, Curry said, "At the end of the day, you congratulate them for accomplishing what they set out to do, and it will be a good image for us over the summer and all next season to remember so that we can come back stronger. That's all you can do."

Draymond Green also played very well tonight with an 8-of-10 from the field and 5 outta 5 three pointers in the first half. He delivered 22 points in this game and despite the commotion in Game 5, Green stayed tonight to congratulate LeBron and the entire Cavs. Green was suspended in Game 5 for his two consecutive flagrant fouls. The Game 5, according to some sports analysts, became the decision point of the Finals.

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