Kapamilya teen actress Liza Soberano clarified the rumors that she will portray the role of Mary Jane Watson, that was portrayed by actress Kirsten Dunst but Liza denied the rumors when she was interviewed by MJ Felipe of ABS-CBN News before she went to Italy and revealed that it was just her fans who suggested and trended on twitter for her to play the coveted role. She added that there was no formal invitation for her but if she will be given an offer, she will be honored and it’s a big opportunity.

Actress Liza Soberano Clarifies Rumors that she will be playing Mary Jane on Spiderman
Some Hollywood films featured actresses with a Filipino ancestry including Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical but there’s no Filipina yet who starred on Marvel films. The upcoming Marvel movie Spiderman: Homecoming will be portrayed by Tom Holland. His character Spiderman was first introduced through another Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. There’s no information yet on who will be his leading so, there’s a lot of speculation including Liza’s rumored offer.

Liza’s on-screen partner and rumored boyfriend, Enrique Gil is supportive to her if ever Liza will be offered. He revealed that Liza’s mom will be very happy because Spiderman is her favorite superhero. As one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry, there’s no doubt that Liza is perceptible to other parts of the world.

She was recently hailed as #6 prettiest woman in the world according to independent site, TC Candler, who is known for having beauty polls at the end of every year. She was also offered by an international scout to become a model when he saw Liza’s photo on Instagram. Currently, Liza together with Enrique can be seen weeknights on primetime show “Dolce Amore” where she plays an Italian heir. Liza became popular through the show “Forevermore” in 2014 followed by blockbuster films “Just The Way You Are” , and “Everyday I Love You” in 2015 all co-starred with Enrique Gil.

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