TV Stations ABS-CBN and GMA received backlash from Duterte’s supporters after they aired a campaign ad last May 5 involving children who are talking about the issues against the mayor. It showed the mayor’s habit of cursing, his controversial remark on rape, and Duterte’s ready to kill attitude while the children criticized his behavior.

Anti-Duterte Ad Received backlash from Mayor’s Supporters
The anti-Duterte ad was reported to be paid by Senator Trillanes. The mayor’s supporters were angered about the ad and even called it black propaganda. Most of them were also concerned on why the parents of innocent children allowed them to be involved on the campaign ad. They were also disappointed to the tv stations who aired the anti-duterte ad.

The ad was also uploaded in Youtube and got a lot of dislikes. Despite the negativity against their presidential bet, they will still support Duterte whatever his rivals will do.  Kat De Castro who is known as a Duterte supporter questioned Trillanes on where he got funds to pay for the political. Some who are not supporting Duterte were also wondering on Trillanes actions.

The supporters of Duterte flock outside the ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5 stations at Davao City. SunStar Davao uploaded pictures of children and group of people who are seen holding placards and lighted candles.

They also have their own version of the ad entitled “ Ang Totoong TV ad ni Mayor Duterte” where it showed the mayor’s love for the country, his determination to only kill the criminals, and promises to have a better government. They also had a version of Mar Roxas where he was shown cursing and knows where in Davao City you can buy drugs. Meanwhile Trillanes whom he called the mayor’s supporters “Dutertards” said that the truth really hurts. He also defended the children on the ad saying that they have a huge part in choosing our future leaders cause they are the one who will benefit from it.

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