The first ever Female Southeast Asian Billionaire can be seen to a Vietnamese CEO of Bikini Airline. She is named Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. She manages the VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Corporation.

The airline is best known where its stewardesses are greeting their passengers while wearing yellow and red bikinis. Before she handle the bikini airline, she firsts earned a million via trading latex rubbers and fax machines 2 decades ago.

Vietnamese CEO of Bikini Airline: The First Female Southeast Asian Billionaire
Now at 45 years old, her net worth on the next months is expected to reach $1.3 billion (Php 59 billion) that will make her the first lady tycoon in the airline world according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Her other sources of wealth was from a 65- hectare real estate that was develop and located at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

She is also a stockholder of 3 resorts and a vice-chairman of a private bank, HD Bank. Thao also revealed on her interview with Bloomberg that she is now focusing to expand the market and boosts VietJets growth. She then express her desire to make VietJet the number one airline. She also acknowledged the image of her bikini airline by saying that anyone has the right to wear whatever they want and if their customers are happy about it then they are also happy.

Thao started as an entrepreneur when she was still in College at Russia. With a little amount of money, she distributed different kinds of consumer goods in various Asian countries like South Korea, Japan, and Hongkong. After she earned a million, she switched her business to steels and fertilizers. She then returned to her home country and invested in Techcom Bank and Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank. She first opened her airline last 2011 that is travelling 47 destinations within Vietnam and other Asian countries.

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