Do you imagine your favorite NBA players dance on a half time break? Then here is what you’re looking for. The viral video was created by youtube user MKElite and it was inspired to NBA 2K16 using MOD. He swapped the cheerleaders to popular players like Reigning MVP Stephen Curry, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose and Dirk Nowitzki dancing their hearts out. At the comment section of his video, he type that he swapped the cheerleaders to nba players and revealed he died laughing with the result.

Watch Viral Video of NBA Stars became Cheerleaders
Their dance routine happened at a Golden State Warriors game on Oracle Arena. There were some imperfections but if you are watching it in a long time, you won’t notice it because it is so fun to watch especially that some NBA players don’t really dance.

You also need to watch it in high resolution to enjoy the viral video. Meanwhile a representative of, Connor Sheridan revealed his comments about the video. He said that the players’ nipples were detailed but their hips are missing and they have no feet on their shoes. He also added that some of their  body parts are missing like pelvises and their sides have feminine features and it’s like watching Lebron James wearing a silky underwear but he applauded the effort by MKElite. He may criticized the funny video but still, a lot of netizens enjoyed watching the popular NBA players act as cheerleaders on their own halftime game.

MKElite posted the video last March 31 and as of this typing , it already has 202,453 views, and 1,379 users liked it. Most of the netizens find it funny at the same time disturbing.  A netizen with a username Charissa Kelsey was amused by the Giant Curry at the end while Kitsch Blues suggested MKElite to make the cheerleaders into players.

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