Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2016 Kristhielee Caride was dethroned  because of her attitude towards media according to the officials. This was confirmed by Desiree Lowry , a national director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico, on her interview last March 17 and revealed that Caride was uncomfortable in the spotlight.

Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2016 Dethroned Because of her Attitude Towards Media
It is a responsibility for Miss Puerto Rico to face the media because she is a public figure. The first incident was when she was interviewed, she replied that she wanted the earth to swallow her. After her interview, she never apologize to the officials and she state that she was just having a personal problem and the incident will not happen again but her dismissive attitude towards the media happen when she was interviewed by a local newspaper and replied that she doesn’t love cameras.

She was also a no show to her schedules that was organized by Miss Universe Puerto Rico. With her rude behavior, the officials decided to dethroned her and Caride apologized. Despite her apology, the officials refuse to accept it and their decision is final. Caride threatened the officials to take this matter on the court according to E Nuevo Dia, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper. She also posted on her facebook account that was now deleted that she apologized to the people who supported her, to her work team and the organization of Miss Universe Puerto Rico. She added that she will cherish the day she won the title and the memories that she experienced.

Ya en Juntos En La Mañana nuestra Miss Puerto Rico Universe, Brenda Jiménez por Wapa TV.
Posted by Miss Universe Puerto Rico on Friday, March 18, 2016
Caride had her title for 4 months and  It is the first time that a Puerto Rican Miss Universe lost her crown. Lowry then introduced  Brenda Jimenez who is a runner up to Caride will now replace her to represent Puerto Rico in Miss Universe 2016. She revealed to the press that she was still in shock.

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