Ericka Villongco, James Reid’s ex-girlfriend for 3 and a half years pleads to the fans of her former beau and Nadine Lustre to stop bashing her on her social media accounts. She posted through her official Instagram account that she is hoping to stop the hate. She is also asking for respect to what she gives to the Jadine Loveteam who started their team up 6 years ago and added that she wish them happiness.

James Reid’s Ex Girlfriend Requests to Jadine's Fans to Stop the Hate
She also posted that it will be the last time for her to speak up against her haters because they don’t deserve her time and she insists that her previous posts was not related to James and Nadine. At the end of her posts, she insists that she just want joy and peace tagging Nadine Lustre. Ericka received backlash from Jadine fans and they think that her post was for James and Nadine when she posted last March 23 on her birthday where she said that genuine happiness is not where you are right now and she became stronger than last year. Some of the comments are so mean and even comparing Nadine and Ericka on who is better off with James. They are even calling her a “famewhore”

Knowing about this situation, Nadine Lustre posted through her official twitter account last March 26 to spread love not hate referring to their fans to stop bashing and she just wants to have peace of mind.
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In an article by PEP last 2014, Ericka revealed that she would not mind if James and Nadine would end up together in real life. Recently, the Jadine loveteam revealed on their concert that they are dating in real life since February 11 to much of the delight of their fans. They just finished their hit tv series “On The Wings Of Love” and were now on a Europe Tour Concert. They will also be back on the big screen entitled “ This Time”.

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