After Antoinette Jadaone’s ‘That Thing Called Tadhana’ and Dan Villegas’ ‘#WalangForever’, another hugot movie is about to conquer cinemas nationwide. Star Cinema released the trailer of this post-valentine movie entitled, ‘Always Be My Maybe’ starring Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz. ‘Always Be My Maybe’ is directed by Dan Villegas and will be showing on February 24, 2016.

Watch the trailer of Post Valentine Hugot Movie Always Be My Maybe
During the story conference, award-winning writer and director Dan Villegas was interviewed about the movie. Villegas shared some information about the story which was about two people who came from ugly breakups and their struggle to move on. Villegas also said that the movie will discuss about unlabeled relationships and how to deal with it.

In the official trailer of the movie, Arci Munoz played the role of Tin-Tin, a makeup vlogger who advises her audience which product is for which. During a makeup tutorial vlog, the almost-drunk Tin-Tin encouraged her audience to use a primer first before any other products to look fresh within 24 hours, all-day and all-night, but all of a sudden, Tin-Tin blasted her hugot line, “Alam mo naman, maraming bagay ang hindi nagtatagal.” from nowhere.

Teary-eyed and all, Tin-Tin also advised not to let the primer dried off itself like some other people’s love life, although she was obviously pertaining to herself. After taking a few more shots of (probably) rum, she wailed when she poked her eyes with an eyeliner pencil. From thereon, her hugot lines were unstoppable. On the other hand, Gerald Anderson character proposed to her girlfriend for 5 years but was turned down. How will these two individuals meet eventually is something we all need to look forward.

Meanwhile, since the release of its trailer, ‘Always Be My Maybe’ has been making abuzz throughout social media for its hugot lines and uncanny chemistry between Arci Munoz and Gerald Anderson. Some even made memes and parodies imitating Tin-Tin’s tutorial. This is the first on-screen team up of Pasion de Amor leading lady and one of Kapamilya leading actors.

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